Fishing Near The Yellowstone Vista Cabin

Big blue skies, the sounds of nature, Yellowstone country streams, and lots of fish; it doesn’t get any better than this. Come discover the clear waters of Yellowstone Country, 1,000 miles of blue ribbon trout streams provide anglers with hours of fishing pleasure. The waters are clean and clear, promising tranquility and incredible views. For more private fishing, test the hundreds of miles of virgin waters where wild trout have not learned the tricks of the anglers. You may want to cast from the shores of the Golden Trout Lakes, test your skills at Yellowstone National Park’s Slough Creek, or visit the ever popular Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Madison Rivers. In these quieter waters, an angler can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing fishing venture, Cast your line into Montana’s beautiful Wade, Cliff, Hidden, Elk, Earthquake, and Hebgen Lakes, all within a short drive, test the waters of Henry’s Lake and Henry’s Fork, or explore the 220,000 acres of water in Yellowstone National Park.

Highlighted Rivers and Lakes

Slough Creek rises in the Beartooth Range and meanders into the Lamar Valley. The stream is filled with Cutthroat trout and Rainbow trout. Animals and birds, along with breathtaking scenery, make your fishing experience enjoyable and memorable. The beauty of nature soothes and calms and a trip to Slough Creek just might take the wrinkles out of your soul.

Henry’s Fork of the Snake River is perfect for the angler who longs for solitude in exquisite surroundings. Charles E. Brooks, author of Fishing Yellowstone Waters, has described Henry’s Fork as “…the best trout stream and lake in the forty-eight lower states.” Along with access to the Snake River, numerous camping opportunities exist.

Henry’s Lake is located 9 miles away in Island Park, Idaho.

Quake Lake is the aftermath of the powerful earthquake of 1959. The Madison River continues through the lake to the peaceful Madison Valley. Brown and Rainbow trout are the main catch at Quake Lake. Campgrounds, docks, and boat ramps are available to all visitors.

Madison River is one of the region’s best-known rivers. Mountain Whitefish, Rainbow trout and Brown trout are abundant in the flowing waters. There is vehicle access, campgrounds, restrooms, and boat ramps available to all visitors.

Yellowstone River is the longest free-flowing river in the lower forty-eight states. Some of the finest fishing is found between the banks of the Yellowstone due to the large numbers of Mountain Whitefish, Cutthroat trout, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, and Burbot. Catch fish and stay overnight! Campgrounds, vehicle accesses and boat ramps are available for daily and overnight guests.

Gallatin River is known for its Brook trout, Mountain Whitefish, Brown trout, and Rainbow trout. The Gallatin River provides campgrounds and vehicle access with some motor restrictions.

Slusher’s Point is located on the South Fork Arm of Hebgen Lake, just 3 short miles away. There is access to a boat launch, campgrounds, and the beach.

Red Rock Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Red Rock Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located 30 miles from West Yellowstone. This refuge was established to preserve the rare trumpeter swan, and is home to 18 waterfowl species, fox, moose, and pronghorn antelope.

Photo of a fisherman in Yellowstone National Park

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